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Flight Training Inquiry for US Citizenship Holder

Flight Training Inquiry for International Students

Student Pilots from Egypt

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Airplane Flight Training

Q. Why do I need to select my citizenship to inquire about my airplane flight training?

A. The United States Government (TSA: Transportation Security Administration) requires that if you are giving or receiving flight training whether you are an U.S. citizen or alien, flightschools and flight instructors must verify proper /specific documentation.

Q. So, is there a difference in the cost of flight training?

A. At Universal Air Academy, we have fixed prices for ALL of our customers. Therefore the cost of flight training will be the same regardless of what citizenship you hold. However, each individual will need to consider different start up cost.

Q. What kind of start-up cost can apply to my flight training?

A. If you are a holder of U.S. Citizenship, there are no specific start-up cost that you will need to concider. All you need to do is prepare documentation to verify your U.S. Citizenship. If you do not hold an U.S. Citizenship, cost such as TSA process application fee of $130; finger printing fee of $99 may apply. If you need a Student Visa and I-20 to study in the U.S., applicable processing fee(s) will need to be considered. Either way you will need to contact us to find out what is the best way and required of you.


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